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JOMO Goods

Large Common Room Activation

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A JOMO installation in a major campus common area signals to students that digital well-being is a school priority. The phone boxes ignite community change by facilitating digital breaks, encouraging conversation and enhancing student experience. The full campaign assets, including banners, conversation and digital well-being cards, inspiring new positive social norms by making it okay to not be on your phone.

Installation includes:

  • 30 JOMO Boxes with conversation card decks
  • 3 Retractable Banners
  • 10 large-scale banners
  • Digital files for customizable banners and on-campus printing
  • 1000 digital well-being takeaway cards
  • 10 JOMO Books (5 Joy of missing out, 5 Good Burdens)
  • Installation Guide
  • 100 survey cards + JOMO Stickers
  • Hanging tools