Our Story

JOMO is the joy of missing out on the right things —life-taking things like toxic hustle, comparison, and digital drain. 

We are a digital well-being brand on a mission to empower all people to experience JOMO - through education, goods, and experiences. We do this in a radically human way. We are all going to live with technology for the rest of our lives but we get to decide how.


woman christina crook sitting at a desk with her hands folded on the notebook she's writing in

The JOMO journey began in 2015, when our founder, Christina Crook, published the book The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World based on the crazy little acronym coined by Anil Dash. 

Back then digital well-being was a fringe idea. People got their backs up when you mentioned the words “phone” and “addiction” in the same sentence. Over the past decade, our understanding of the impacts of our digital devices has grown exponentially. Today, not a day passes without a new study revealing the true costs of our screen obsession: unprecedented global loneliness, burnout and mental distress. Why? Because, while data informs us, relationships form us. It turns out we need more than information to make meaning.

At JOMO, we believe that to be human means to remain connected to our humanness and to reality. We believe that we are not going to solve the technology problem with more technology.

Our focus is less on setting limits than it is on creating the positive conditions in which technology becomes less compelling and different kinds of engagements thrive and flourish.

Welcome to the era of JOMO, a decade of reassessing and renegotiating the excesses of social media, hyper-connection, and hustle of the past ten years. (Even Oprah is on board. “I am definitely JOMO,” she declared on OG Chronicles, her series with bestie Gayle King.)  

FOMO’s moment is over. 

A counter-movement to our always-on tech addiction, JOMO is gaining momentum as a conscious choice to disconnect and experience life offline. What we regret most at the end of our lives isn't missed tweets or fancy job titles. It's the deeper things — missed opportunities to love, explore our curiosities, and spend our time well. It's time we choose joy over fear. Empowerment over anxiety. JOMO over FOMO. 

Let’s go. The good life is right there for the making.


Christina Crook
Founder + CEO