Please keep in mind that because most of our clothing items and all of our mugs, sticker and prints are printed on-demand, we are experiencing longer fulfilment times as well as longer shipping times. Also please keep in mind that stricter border controls will impact shipping times.

How do you create your products?

Because we want to guarantee an awesome JOMO experience for all of our customers with these products, we operate under a print on demand service; meaning that when you place your order, we are not pulling it off a shelf and putting it in an envelope, the item is being printed directly for you.

How long does fulfilment take?

This honestly depends on your order. Because we ship a variety of different products from a lot of different places to a lot of different places, certain items might take longer than expected. Our usual aim for fulfilment is between 3-7 business days. Your shipping time is up to you, in what you choose at check out. Please keep in mind that your country / location can have an effect on how long a product can get to you. For example, if you are in Europe and order something that is manufactured in the United States, there might be extra time to get over the Atlantic, get approved by her majesty the Queen of England and then delivered to you.

Where are your items fulfilled?

Many items are fulfilled from the United States, though mugs and some clothing items will come from either US or EU locations, whichever is closer to you, to save on shipping and import charges. Items can come from the US, the EU or Canada. Please keep in mind all items will ship with their like items, meaning that stickers will ship with stickers and apparel will ship with apparel - this is done to protect the order. Most items will ship separately.

What if my product gets lost in the mail?

In the event that the JOMO Stork loses your parcel upon delivery, please get into contact with our customer care team who will work to escalate the issue with the shipper and manufacturer in order to get a new item sent out as soon as possible. If you do not receive your product within 20 days of you receiving the shipping notification of the order please contact us as soon as possible, so we can look into this.

What is your return policy?

Every return is handled on a case by case basis by our customer care team. We cannot guarantee that any return will be accepted for buyer's remorse. Our customer care team will work directly with you to discuss all of your options to make sure that you’re getting the best possible solution that will meet your needs. No returns/exchanges will be accepted after 30 days of the item's arrival.

What happens if I order something and I get it and it comes in the wrong size?

To try to avoid this as much as possible, each shirt has a unique sizing guide on it providing you with the exact measurements of these shirts. Please read through the sizing guide prior to ordering, as we do want to get it right for you on the first try. 

What if I do change my mind about my purchase after I order it?

If you feel as though you would like a different print, we usually have a very small window of opportunity to make changes to your order before it is printed. If you wait too long, it might be too late to make any changes. In these instances, cases will be looked at on a case by case basis to uncover the right solution. If you receive your product, and you change your mind about the print, we can help you find the right product for a future purchase.

What If my product gets returned because I put an incorrect address in my order?

We get a notification if and when a product gets returned to our supplier. If this is the case and it is due to an error in your input, we will send you a custom check out link to pay for the shipping again. Shipping costs are not set by us and go directly to the shipping agent to get your product to you.

What if my product arrives damaged?

In the unlikely scenario that your product arrives damaged, we will work to get a new product (of the same size and image) sent out to you as soon as possible. We always want to make sure that the product arrives in great condition, if it doesn’t, email us a picture of the problem and we’ll get right on it! Typically, we only see this problem with the mugs or prints, but if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the product, email us a picture so we can escalate it.

My order is taking longer than expected! What is going on?

Because we print on demand, fulfillment can take some time to get fulfilled! Feel free to reach out to customer service and see what is going on! We always want to make sure your order gets to you as soon as possible so you can show your friends and family how amazingly diverse and cool the internet can be.

I received my order, but also got charged extra for Duty / Taxes?

That tends to happen when you're ordering things online that are being fulfilled and shipped in another country that is not your own. Will you get a duty note every single time? Maybe not, but that's lucky and not what we expect. We will not accept returns or refunds because there was an unexpected duty charge.

What happens if you send your order back because you did not want to pay the extra duty / taxes?

We won’t offer refunds for items rejected by the recipient because of duties or customs fees — on-demand merchandise can’t be re-sold.

Where Can I get an order update?

That part is easy! Email us! hello@experiencejomo.com
Please allow 24-48 hours for all order inquiries.