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JOMO Goods


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The JOMO(box) is an invitation to pause, unplug, and be free. Its elegant white and baltic birch design inspires well-being through intentional design with a human touch.

You feel what you are trying to do when you see the JOMO(box). The object itself creates intentionality.

Whether on campus, in a home, or at a workplace, the JOMO phone box protects focus and sleep while inspiring connection and conversation. Add a JOMO(box) to your space to disconnect from the digital world to reconnect to what matters. 

• Baltic birch lid with routed fit
• Soft interior EVA foam base
• Exterior messaging (1) for great conversation place phones inside (2) for better focus place phones inside
• Holds up to 8 phones
• Width: 6 7/8 inch
• Length: 10 1/4 inch
• Depth: 3 1/4 inch