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JOMO Manifesto Letterpress Print

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Let us be the ones...

These are the values that guide the JOMO Movement. Proudly display them. Printed by hand on an antique letterpress in Ontario, Canada.

Luxurious extra-thick soft white cotton stock

100% Pure Tree-Free Cotton. Made from cotton linters, a byproduct of the cotton industry that is recognized by the EPA as recovered fibre. Not only are these fibres environmentally responsible, but they also make a paper of superior quality and are recyclable with traditional paper.

Let us be the ones...
who build communities; who know each other’s names.
who spend our time well; who live every hour of every day.
who love ourselves; who embrace our strengths and weaknesses alike.
who live for today; that savor our experiences.
who waste no thought on what we don’t need.
who embrace our humanity; who would rather feel pain than feel nothing.
who know true riches; who value human connection, what is truly real, above all.
who are courageous; who choose adventure over regret.
who are generous; who give our loved ones our whole hearts and attention.
who have joy; that choose love over fear.